• Social Media Profile Cleaning

    Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring has sprung (for most of us!) and you know what that means… time to take out the old and bring in the new! And the same goes for your social media marketing campaign!! One thing to remember about the SMM world is that it’s always changing – what worked a couple years ago might […]

  • Website User-Friendliness

    Is Your Website User-Friendly?

    Over the years, we’ve revamped the PuTTin’ OuT website quite a bit, and longtime followers might even recall times when it was a little less than easy to use. (And it’s still a bit of a work-in-progress!) Your website is your business’s and brand’s most essential asset. If it isn’t making it easy for users […]

  • Foursquare Problem

    The Real Problem with Foursquare

    Let’s face it – Foursquare has a problem. It isn’t that there’s a technical issue that reduces functionality, it’s not like there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the application, there’s no seedy addiction they’re hiding from their friends and family members that’s destroying their relationships (that I know of). Nothing like that. The benefits of Foursquare […]

  • Tumblr Terminology Glossary

    Tumblr Terminology Glossary

    All you Tumbl-rs out there probably already know the Tumblr lingo – and also that it’s a very unique environment with a TON of memes, phrases, and habits that you’ll only find there. It isn’t for everyone, and some people can even find it offensive. But if your market is there and you’re game to […]

  • Website Hardhat Lady

    Tiny Tweaks to Boost Website Marketing Appeal

    Just like a vintage car or a bad back or a nice garden or a fine woman (wink a website requires continual attention if you want to rely on it to be there for you. It’s not something you can just “set and forget,” as the saying goes. So, if you’re doing “everything” you can […]

  • Use Twitter to Change Flight

    How I Used Twitter to Rebook a Flight Before Everyone Else

    I was on the way from Las Vegas with a connection in Chicago to London Heathrow to visit my husband’s family. Boyd’s mom was taking the train from Scotland to London to meet us at his brother’s house for a couple of days before I was scheduled to be at the Maison Objet tradeshow in […]

  • Tumblr Sharing

    Very Useful Tips for Tumblr Sharing

    Hopefully by now you’re already actively using Tumblr (if you’re not, you probably missed my post about why Tumblr matters for social media marketing!!) – but if you haven’t yet mastered the whole microblog thing, maybe it’s time for some tips! I hope you’re EXCITED – because you are going to LOVE Tumblr once you […]

  • How to Take Selfies

    How to Take Selfies the Right Way

    Let’s be honest – just like twerking, people had been doing the selfie thing for a long time before someone made it a “thing” on social media (looking at you, Miley Cyrus!). But now that it has blossomed into one of those full-blown social media “things,” you might as well know how to make the […]

  • What Is Orkut?

    So… What Is Orkut?

    You’re on Orkut, right?! If you don’t live in Brazil, India, or maybe Japan, I don’t blame you if you’ve never even heard of Orkut, even though they’ve still got tens of millions of worldwide users. The more social media-savvy of you probably know it for its association with Google and its lack of popularity, […]