• social media predictions 2015

    How the Story of Social Media Will Change in 2015

    Snap. Crackle. Pop. The fizz and sparkle of New Years has gone and we look forward to 2015 and what it has in store for all of us. We in the social media marketing ring have a big task ahead to stay up on the times and make that marketing technologically advanced, unique, and BRANDED! […]

  • social media tips and tricks

    How to Gain Twitter Followers … FAST!!!

    This will read like a cheesy infomercial: “So you’re tired of seeing a bump in 15 followers and then NOTHING? Maybe you’ve been trying to raise those numbers for a while … Well, PuTTin’ OuT can equip you to excel on Twitter for GOOD! (and it’s free too! Money back guarantee ) All joking aside, if […]

  • business referrals online

    What the Heck is Referral Key?

    Hear this in a deep, scary voice (can you tell I’m getting ready for Halloween?!?) “Beware, beware the LinkedIn scams!!!” It’s true that all social platforms have their pitfalls and headaches, but LinkedIn marketing ploys seem to carry a certain … flair to them. So, if business retailers in search of online marketing haven’t gotten […]

  • facebook business marketing

    Top Ten Things Retailers Aren’t Doing on Facebook

    Like a beautiful car or the perfect woman, you have to maintain. Do you leave your house for a meeting without taking a shower? How about brushing your hair or removing the dog hair from your clothes? I should hope not. These days, the first thing people see isn’t your hair, your face, or your […]

  • Obama gun control interview

    Five Things Obama’s First Tumblr Interview Means

    Did you get the .gif? If you think it’s new fancy term for peanut butter, think again. A .gif is a term for a short video clip set to repeat. Sound weird? Well, for lovers of Tumblr, the .gif is a big deal. I mean, even Obama’s doing it! Obama interviewed with the illustriously young-looking CEO […]

  • December Diamonds Facebook

    How We Did it: December Diamonds

    December Diamonds is an extremely popular Christmas brand that came to us seeking online marketing & social media marketing content creation. December Diamonds CEO, Scott Neilsen wanted their brand swimming through the pond under a limited budget. They needed a social media company that could entertain & grow their Facebook audience along with setting up […]

  • how to use Houzz

    How Businesses Should Use Houzz

    Everybody raise your hands if you’re on Houzz. No? Why not?! If you haven’t heard the buzzzz about Houzz, let me educate. It is one of the most effective ways for businesses to bust their brand into new SM markets… and it’s fun! Houzz is one big bonanza of home décor. Houzz showcases brands with […]

  • business ratings on facebook

    What’s the Deal with Facebook Star Ratings?

    I’m going to risk it all now and talk about a hot topic. I do mean the highly volatile and slightly (ok maybe severely) controversial subject of Facebook star ratings. I think I just heard hundreds of you scream. Maybe you’ve reserved yourself to distaste and kept your hands off of your hair. Many of […]

  • social media checklist

    Check List: Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

    Wanna reach a wider audience and grow your business at the same time? Well, social media is the BEST place for PuTTin’ the word OuT there about your business! I’m gonna share with you a few tips about social media. There are several leading ways of marketing your business on the web. You first need […]