Using Timeline for Your Brand: A Closer Look at Coca Cola’s Campaign

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As we mentioned before, Timeline is of valuable use for your brand. It is a place to be creative, engaging a fun. What says fun more than a riddle and a whimsy website?

Coca Cola has figured it out. Using fill-in-the blanks, they have invited fans to join along with a game that will lead them to a brand related site. Coca Cola has cross-promoted their site on Twitter and Google+ as well.

Example of their riddles:

“Even if they pop I smile. It’s no secret why.The soapy rainbow swirls are magic to my eye. I love looking up at clouds, And blowing_ _ _ _ _ _ _inthe_ _”

By filling in the links to, readers are directed to a site which features a hand that the user can manipulate to blow bubbles…from a Coca Cola bubble blower!

For more info, click here.

Has your brand come up with fun ways to engage your fans? Let us know and we plan on covering different campaigns from small businesses in future posts.

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