Small Business Social Media Bootcamp – East Coast

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Social Media Marketing is much like playing the game of chess….

Are you making the right move at the right time?

fbbookmarkAre you getting the most out of your social media marketing?

Are you moves ahead of your competitors?

On Tuesday, October 16th in Duluth, Georgia…

Attendees will learn….

Best practices and hidden gems for marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and the new online pin board – Pinterest. Christi Tasker will share profound features of Facebook, how Twitter really works for business, and how much traffic Pinterest drives to websites. She’ll show you how to make the right moves at the right time.


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About the Author

Christi Tasker

Christi Tasker

Hey! I always love hearing your thoughts & feedback on my articles. Please feel free to comment below with questions, answers, or other useful solutions. Hey! I'm Christi Tasker, the Chief Entertainment Officer (that means I do too much to list) of @PuTTinOuT, a Las Vegas based social media marketing firm serving businesses, brands, and celebrities worldwide. If that doesn't sound like enough, a couple of years ago I was crazy enough to author The Power of Pinterest book. I also travel the world conducting television interviews and speaking. At my speaking engagements and on my blogs I love to share and educate audiences of CEOs, small business owners, real estate professionals, retailers, interior designers, bloggers, and even wedding professionals to use tactics that we discover everyday while managing social media communities for our clients. Please leave a comment or a question. It's total motivation for me to keep writing. Without comments I don't know that you're reading.