December Diamonds

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    • Ghost write content & publish during peak times.
    • Create custom graphics, sayings. and trademarked phrases.
    • Grow fan base of December Diamonds collectors though organic and viral methods.
    • Market research for new product categories.
    • Serve as advertising department by creating campaigns, graphics, B2B hand-outs and advertisements for publication.
    • Text Message & Mobile Marketing campaign concept & development.
    • Gather both B2B/B2C demographics.
    • Obtain press & traditional media coverage.

    Reporting Period: 4 weeks.

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Facebook Fan Growth: +50%
+62% New Website Viewers Including United Kingdom - London, England & Paris, France.
Pinterest Second Largest Website Traffic Referrer just behind Facebook.
+8.12 Increase In Average Page Views.
+9.16% Increase In Page Views when a Social Action occurs first.

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