Designer DANN Foley Lifestyle Interiors

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    • Build + Manage the Designer DANN/DANN Foley Lifestyle brand online and offline.
    • Create a sustainable logo for branding opportunities.
    • Find existing clientele + new clientele via social media channels.
    • Obtain licensed product agreements or make introductions.
    • Manage licensed brand overseeing all elements both online + traditional media.
    • Replace DANN”s former publicist to conduct P.R. Campaigns and serve as public relations/media contact.
    • Submit pitches for television opportunities or licensing opportunities.
    • Work with product manufacturers to ensure the DANN Foley Lifestyle collection is always represented at it’s best.

    What We Do:

    • Meet Directly With Publicist For Major Television Networks to ensure DANN is being represented at his fullest potential at all times.
    • Cover television network legalities online. We act as an extension of team DANN to ensure television network rules and regulations are being followed.
    • Find avenues for press, branding, and licensed product opportunities and make introductions, attend appointments, and whatever else it takes to make it happen!
    • Distribute press releases + the media contact for DANN & his brands. As an extension of DANN’s marketing and his only public relations team we distribute all allowed network PR info.
    • Set up all social networks with keywords, links, and branded graphics.
    • Concept + Execute social media contests and promotions.
    • Develop new user friendly blog site/website with social integration.
    • Train team DANN to manage Dann’s social media accounts.
    • Provide consultations each month to ensure numbers are being met.
  • Designer DANN Foley Social Profiles Before & After:

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    1. Before
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    Most Watched Episode On Showtime’s The Real ‘L’ Word Features Designer DANN:


DANN Foley Under Contract With Primetime Television.
Network NBC Currently, Dann is under contract for a primetime NBC show hosted by Oprah Winferey designer Nate Berkus just after February NFL games.
3 Licensed Product Agreements With Major Brands Signed.
Under our direction DANN has signed four licensed product agreements with major brands such as Phillips Collection, Skyline Designs, and Loloi Rugs.
+31 Licensed Product Meetings Attended.
In a two year period DANN has attended over 31 Licensed product meetings with major manufacturers. Contracts are in the works as you read.
Developed Website + Blog That Is Easy To Manage.
DANN initially came to us frustrated. He and his business partner Beau had spent thousands of dollars on a website that was minimal to say the least. AND there was no way they could upload content or manage the site themselves. We chose to use the WordPress platform and build an easy to use template that DANN and his team now manage from their mobile devices and write blogs on the go.
Manage Major Website Updates + Graphic Changes.
From time to time we help with updates when the DANN staff is slammed with jobs and running out of fuel in the day. DANN is in control of his site vs. a developer that could fall off the map tomorrow.
1,500+ Leads Generated 90 Days After Site Launched.
Within 90 Days of the new site launch the social activity and social log ins on the DANN site generated over 1500 leads.
Grew Facebook Fan Base To 7000+
Increased Youtube Subscribers To Over 2800+
Youtube Views Increased To Over 2300+
Main Referral Traffic Source = Facebook + Facebook Mobile
Third Website Referral Traffic Source = Pinterest
Fifth Website Referral Traffic Source = Youtube
New Visits Increased by: 81.57%
Each Social Action increases page visits by 3.57%

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