• Frequently Asked Questions


    What social media services do you support?

    We support the following services: LinkedIn, Blogger and Blogspot, MetaWeblog, MovableType, Ning, Posterous, Blogs, SquareSpace, Tumblr, TypePad, WordPress, WordPress.com, Bebo, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group, Facebook Milestone, Facebook Note, Facebook Page Note, Facebook Post, FourSquare Page, Foursquare Shout, Foursquare Shout, Foursquare Tip, Foursquare Venue Tip, FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Google+ Page, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Group Job, LinkedIn Group Post, LinkedIn Group Promotion, LinkedIn Status, LinkedIn Status, Plurk, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook Cover Photo, Facebook Page Album, Facebook Photo Album, Flickr, Flickr, Instagram, MobyPicture, Scribd, SlideShare, YouTube, Delicious, Diigo, Identi.ca, Instapaper, Pocket, Brand and Keyword

    • PO_Laptop

    • Monitoring, LinkedIn Group Discussion Monitor, Reviews, , Contact Importer, Message Importer, OPML Importer, RSS Auto Poster, Facebook Fan Page Stream, Facebook Group Stream, Facebook Stream, LinkedIn Group Stream, LinkedIn Stream, Twitter List, Twitter Search, Twitter Stream, , Facebook Auto Moderator, LinkedIn Auto Responder, Twitter Auto Follower, Twitter Auto Replies, Twitter Auto Retweets, Twitter Auto Unfollower, Twitter Welcome Messages.

    Can I change via PuTTin’ OuT to via My Company for Facebook posts?

    Yes. If you’d like to replace “via PuTTin’ OuT” with your own company name when posting to Facebook, we can set up a custom Facebook application for you. You will need to send us your company logo, a short description about your company and your company website url. If you haven’t upgraded to our top account, there will be a one-off charge to have this set up. For more information, please send us an email.

    Do recurring messages count towards my messaging limit?

    Yes. Each message that is sent counts as a credit. So, if you send a status update to Twitter and Facebook every hour for 24 hours, your message credits will be reduced by 48 at the end of the 24 hour period.

    My Facebook posts are not going through. What can I do?

    If your Facebook messages are failing, we recommend deleting the account from Add/Edit Services and recreating it. When you set up the account in PuTTin’ OuT, you need to make sure Facebook prompts you for Extended Permissions so that your account can be updated even when you’re offline.

    My Tweets are not going through to Twitter. What can I do?

    Make sure your Twitter account settings are correct in PuTTin’ OuT. If you’ve recently changed your Twitter password, you’ll also have to update this in PuTTin’ OuT. Twitter has clamped down on recurring tweets and will ignore tweets that are constantly repeated. Twitter also has posting limits, so be sure you haven’t exceeded this limit for the day.

    How can I send out a bulk email campaign when I run out of message credits?

    If you ever run out of message credits, you can either upgrade your account or you can purchase a bundle of PuTTin’ OuT Tokens. Tokens can be used as message credits when your standard credits run out. One token gives you two email/social media messages and can also be used to send SMS texts.

    I'd like to become an affiliate. How do I join your affiliate program?

    If you’d like to become an affiliate, simply send an email to Software@PuTTinOuT.com with the email address you used to register on PuTTin’ OuT.

    How do I add a Google Alerts feed into PuTTin’ OuT Monitoring?

    A new enhancement we’ve recently added to PuTTin’ OuT Monitoring features is the ability to incorporate your Google alerts feed into the results.

    To add a Google Alerts feed into PuTTin’ OuT Monitoring, follow the steps below:

    1. In PuTTin’ OuT, go to “Add/Edit Services”
    2. If no monitoring has been set up before, choose “Monitoring”, then “Brand Monitoring”, then “Add”
    3. If monitoring has been set up before, click on “My Services” on left, and select “Monitoring” tab
    4. Find the keyword monitoring you want to add Google Alerts to, and choose “Edit” on the far-right.
    5. Now, in a separate browser window, login to your Google Alerts
    6. Make sure that where it says “deliver to”, you change that to say “Google Reader”
    7. Now, while pointing at/hovering over the orange RSS icon to the right of the words “Google Reader”, right-click, and select “copy link location” (note: don’t choose “copy image location” by mistake)
    8. Click back to the PuTTin’ OuT browser window, and “paste” that link into the Google Alerts feed field.  The link should look like this:  http://www.alerts/feeds/##########, where # represents a bunch of numbers.
    9. Now, click to the beginning of this feed address, and delete the http://, since PuTTin’ OuT already has this selected for you in the previous box.
    10. Scroll to the bottom, and click “Save”


    How do I schedule multiple social media updates in bulk?

    PuTTin’ OuT makes it easy to import and schedule multiple social media updates at once. The type of message you choose to import could be anything like your regular Tweets or your daily Facebook status updates.

    A CSV file is a simple text format commonly used for database tables. Each record in a table is one line of text with each value separated by a comma with no space.

    Note: While most text editors, office applications, and database management systems support CSV format, they may not export correct character renderings in a CSV. For instance, depending on a system’s regional settings, Microsoft Excel may use a semicolon as a separator instead of a comma. Be sure to check your application’s defaults before exporting to CSV format. Be sure to use the following date format for the SendDate column: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. E.g. 2012-02-24 23:59 for your CSV file.

    You can follow the steps below to import the messages using PuTTin’ OuT’s message importer:

    1. Click on Add/Edit Services > Import.
    2. Under CSV importers, click “Add” next to Message Importer.
    3. Click “Browse” and select your CSV file.
    4.  Note that PuTTin’ OuT accepts a specific CSV file format as seen below. The column headers “Message”, “Subject” and “SendDate” must be includedcsv
    5. Select the group that you want these messages to be distributed to. A group can consist of multiple social network profiles, email address, blogs etc.
    6. If you prefer your messages be sent right away, hit SEND, messages will show up in PENDING MESSAGES. Don’t want to schedule them or allow them to post when scheduled in your file? Then, set them as DRAFTS. Remember to SAVE!

    Does PuTTin' OuT consult with small businesses?

    Yes, PuTTin’ OuT offers retainer packages for clients to use at their own pace. Think of retaining a lawyer for a case, that’s how we work with small businesses.

    What type of clientele does PuTTin' OuT service?

    Fortune 1000 companies, venture capital firms, small businesses, interior designers, retail stores, brand new brands, celebrities, reality television stars, wholesale companies, trade shows, conferences, direct sells organizations, direct sales professionals, hospitality, restaurants, hotels, vacation destination & tourism, construction companies, florists, wedding professionals, photographers, bloggers, and many other industries. You name it! We’ve probably conquered it. That’s not saying we’ll go down the same roads again though. There are industries that aren’t suited for social media. We’ll be the first to tell you if you’re one of them.

    Will PuTTin' OuT travel to my office or business location?

    Absolutely! We consider experiencing your world a major contribution to the success of your social media and online marketing. Through our discovery sessions we often find hidden marketing jewels both online and offline.

    What type of events, conferences, or trade shows does PuTTin' OuT speak to?

    Our CEO, Christi Tasker travels the world speaking at conferences and events in the wedding, gift, home, technology, forecasting, media, public relations, and social media realm.

    Do you charge for speaking engagements?

    Absolutely! Each presentation is audience specific. We also promote your event too when we agree to a speaking contract. Christi’s key note speeches are motivational and informative. Training and bootcamps are normally sold out or standing room only trainings. Often people come to trade shows and conferences to fill their tanks with more valuable information or advice they’ve received in the past.

    How much does PuTTin' OuT charge for social media management services?

    Our service range varies significantly as we work with a wide range of clientele and perform tailored plans for each client depending on their needs. To give you an idea of price range and to save time for you and us, you can expect services to range in the neighborhood of $10,000-$240,000/year.

    What does it mean for PuTTin' OuT to consult with my company?

    Through our consulting services we give companies a vast amount of advice that can save hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars per year. Our CEO has enormous experience in business and especially social media & business combined.

    Does PuTTin' OuT work with attorneys requiring a social media opinion or document preservation for lawsuits?

    Through our legal consulting we offer a variety of services to help companies through difficult times of lawsuits. From online document preservation or capturing content to social media expert opinions we cover the map for legal professionals.

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