• Social Media Marketing since the MySpace Era…

    In 2006 people thought we were both creative and crazy for eliminating billboards and magazine advertisements to use sites such as MySpace and Facebook. The economical replacement and new form of marketing quickly turned into a business and educational series.

  • 2006

    • Our founder, Christi Tasker took notice of her 11 year-old daughter, Macy finding products on MySpace.
    • Christi tested her first social media marketing campaign for her retail store, Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. on MySpace. The campaign targeted kids 10 & up using a product they were all looking for – Webkinz. The objective was to get kids into the store with their parents.
  • 2007

    • Average sales increased more than 25% by 2007 thanks to Myspace.
    • Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. social media campaigns grew to include what was a college only site, Facebook.
    • Christi began educating other retailers at AmericasMart University on this newly discovered form of marketing.

  • 2008

    • Email and social media marketing were the only forms of marketing Christi utilized for Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. and sales continued to increase even through a recession.
    • Other retailers and business owners began seeking Christi’s expertise in online marketing and consulting

  • Early 2009

    • SnapRetail retained Christi for consultative services & lead retailer advisor.
    • Consulting in brand development began with SnapRetail and partner companies.
    • Created branding elements, design, and oversaw all branding elements for SnapRetail.
    • Christi began consulting with TrafficBuilder software developers to create a legendary marketing suite for merging marketing created by manufacturers directly to retailers.
  • Late 2009

    • Conveying functionality requirements between coders, developers, venture capitalist (V.C.s), CEOs, and everyday people was a natural gift of Christi’s.
    • Attending regular meetings in Palo Alto, CA’s Silicone Valley.
    • Made presentations for companies seeking venture capital funding. Christi met with companies that funded Google, Twitter, Facebook, Living Social, Foursquare, Constant Contact and other major social networks.
    • Visiting Facebook & Google offices was a life-changing culture shock in a very good way!

  • Early 2010

    • Developed gift + home retailer educational seminars and how-tos for Las Vegas Market at World Market Center, SnapEdu, Dallas Market Center, AmericasMart Atlanta, New York International Gift Fair (N.Y.I.G.F.).
    • Traveled nationwide to deliver and consult with retailers to maximize their social media platforms.
    • Christi had an Oprah ahh-ha moment for educating people about their social media marketing.
    • One common denominator occurred time and time again in V.C. meetings and client consulting meetings – they all wanted a company that could offer turn-key social media and online marketing services.

  • Late 2010

    • PuTTin’ OuT was born!
    • First client obtained! Who was it? Designer Dann Foley from Palm Springs, CA. He remains a client today.
    • Complete online marketing dashboard specifically for our clients under development.

  • 2011

    • PuTTin’ OuT Online Marketing Dashboard was created to unify the social media marketing experience.
    • Complete online development for DesignerDANN.
    • Create complete licensable brand for DANN Foley Lifestyle Interiors.
    • Clients began to pour in – Feizy Rugs, Trend Lighting, Las Vegas Market, World Market Center, and the list goes on in our Testimonials & Client Case Studies.
    • Presentations & speeches continue for Design Centers International, AmericasMart Atlanta, Las Vegas Design Center, and Las Vegas Market.
    • Developed & educated Trollbeads retailers at live conferences throughout the U.S.
    • First trip to London & Scotland, U.K.
    • Staff growth reaches 5 people!

  • 2012

    • Wrote the book on Pinterest titled The Power Of Pinterest.
    • Chosen as NBC News Expert Advisor for social media such as Pinterest.
    • Achieved first brand license for Designer DANN Foley!
    • Retained by Wedding Mastery Business Academy to answer all unanswered Q&A re: social media seminars or topics presented in other presentations by companies such as WeddingWire.com.
    • Blog site building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, and Affiliate Marketing program development added to suite client needs not being fulfilled by other service providers.
    • Second product design license obtained for Designer DANN Foley Lifestyle Interiors.
    • Created brand for interior designer, Jill Abelman for Inside Style Home.
    • Retained by Dr. Rene´ Dell’Acqua, America’s Beauty Expert to develop licensable brand, online identity, blog site, social media channels, and affiliate programs.
    • First trip to Paris.
    • First international client obtained!

  • Chosen to be a Facebook partner! Wahooo!
  • Retained by more national and international clients in Canada, London, Paris, Holland, and the Dominican Republic!
  • Developed social media campaigns and content for both national and international clients.
  • Attorney Expert Consultant for several organizations seeking an expert social media opinion for court cases.
  • Brand & online presence development for amature baker, Darlene Marcel, Baking Queen Darlene. Seen on CBS’s American Baking Competition.
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  • Founded by Christi Tasker

    christi normal
    Fashion forward, globetrotting social media marketing queen who is passionate about helping others reach their goals and dreams.Christi is an innovator and creator who thinks that ‘the runner up is the first place loser’.

    Securing her reputation with exceptional service and delivering more than expected is the core of Christi’s nature.

  • Our Tradition

    Continue to give clients more than expected to produce results matching objectives and goals. Through social media marketing we support your team to provide social avenues for all marketing initiatives.

    Author's imageChristi TaskerFounder & CEO

What We Are Proud Of

  • Client satisfaction and achieving objectives is our number one point of pride – all which begins with great company culture. So far we’re making clients smile with projects and measurable results.

  • 46 Happy Clients

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