How She Does It All

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    • Consult on brand logo & text.
    • Brand all social channels.
    • Curate content & publish to Facebook and Twitter
    • Increase blog traffic to
    • Increase website traffic to
    • Review + provide feedback for press kit.
    • Obtain television interviews as a mommy blogger.


    Increased Facebook fan base by 20%+
    was the main website referral source
    Facebook Mobile
    was the secondary website traffic source
    was the fourth organic source just behind Google search
    Each social action increases page visits by 1.15 percent
    New visits to both blog and website increased by 69.15%
    CNN & HLN
    CNN and HLN Uses Melanie’s Mommy Opinion Including Honey Boo-Boo
    Atlanta Falcons
    Melanie Serves As Atlanta Falcons Sideline Reporter
    Melanie signed a talent agency contract with her 1st choice after appearing on CNN Headline News in NY and Atlanta giving opinions on topics such as Honey Boo Boo.
  • Facebook Before & After

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    Twitter Before & After

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    Melanie’s Honey Boo Boo Interview

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