[E-BOOK] How To Use Pinterest To Increase Sales

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    pinterest-for-business-to-increase-salesPinterest– it’s a powerful and dynamic social tool that’s growing by 3-4 million users per month, and there’s a darn good chance you’re not using it to build up your business. And even if your company is “on” Pinterest, are you really using it to make a real difference in revenue? The fact is you’re missing HUGE opportunities without these tactics in this free download:

    • Using Pinterest specifically for business
    • Getting people EXCITED to share your pins
    • Veering targeted traffic directly to your website
    • Advertising your products creatively, for FREE
    • Communicating like a pro
    • Saying it all in an image
    • Getting active in your online community

    Presented by Christi Tasker, Author of The Power of Pinterest/NBC News Pinterest Expert for Wedding Merchants Business Academy (MBA). 

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