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Social Media Marketing Expert Tip

I’m not one to boast or toot my own horn – us “southern belles” just aren’t brought up that way (I’m a Las Vegas transplant, but a Georgia girl at heart… 🙂

However, as a self-started social media marketer with her own firm (and social-media-mobile!!), I think it’s safe to say I’m something of an expert in SMM. So, it’s not uncommon for people to ask me for social media tips, and time and time again I find myself falling back to the same basic principle. There is a LOT to great social campaigning, but mostly it all relies on this one characteristic.

The Name of the Game Is Consistency

That’s right. Consistency is the key. But what do I mean by that?

Users and followers are looking for something they can depend on in a brand or personality. People follow actors and comics on Twitter typically because they can depend on them to say something funny or interesting. People follow brands because they expect product sneak-peeks or discounts or promotions.

That said, your followers should expect quality engagement from you. Be consistent with your style of posting: maintain a distinct voice (even if various users post via your brand accounts) and posting style. Keeping regular features is a good idea, too (check out the PuTTin’ OuT Facebook page for examples like #ThrowbackThursday or #TechTuesday).

Remember, too, that when you’re promoting your blog or a site page the most important thing is ensuring a great user experience for your website.

A Quick Tip for Easier Consistency

I know, it’s tough to be consistent. Consistency means planning and posting, though, and it can actually be really simple.

My favorite solution is automation, which allows you to front-load all your planning and work. You can literally spend just half an hour or so planning and scheduling posts for weeks at a time, then just forget about it until it’s time to schedule again. You get weeks of not having to bother with new posts and the assurance of a well thought-OuT, dependable social posting campaign. It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Not to promote my own product, but this is exactly why we developed the PuTTin’ OuT social media automation software – it’s a solution I couldn’t find anywhere else, so I designed exactly what I needed. You can try it free for 30 days and see the difference for yourself. If you’d rather use something else, just cancel anytime.

Either way, remember… BE CONSISTENT!!!


Have any more tips for being more consistent? Share in the comments!

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