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    B3/C3 Project Social


    In December 2012 the Las Vegas Market hired our social media marketing firm to accomplish the following objectives to reach targeted buyers for the launch of two brand new, expanded high-end, better goods floors – B-3 & C-3. To expand their reach, we had a short 45 days and a barrier of the Christmas/New Year holiday.


    • Strategize & Plan a social media campaign that would attract targeted buyers to the Las Vegas Market in Winter 2013 through various social channels and claim new sites if necessary.
    • Conceptualize, create & design a Facebook Sweepstakes Application in which buyers could register for a Free Trip To Las Vegas Market.
    • Develop existing and properly keyword all social channels to create a clear concise message throughout the online experience.
    • Curate & publish vendor content to all social channels in the Las Vegas Market voice.
    • Manage the online community to increase organic involvement to stay within budget.

Target Audience:

The World Market Center is open daily for locals to shop the Las Vegas Design Center. Yet, during their semi-annual market each January and July the building is closed to the public and only open to authorized retail store buyers, designers, and their staff with qualifying credentials. Considering their close proximity with Mexico, China, and Canada our target was broadened to both international and domestic buyer registration and attendance in the following categories:

  • Retail store chain buyers serving the following markets: home goods, gift, florists, baby, and table ware.
  • Independent retail store owners & buyers
  • Interior Designers purchasing medium to high-end home furnishings for clients or their independent stores or studios.

What did we do?

Our staff worked 24/7 to accomplish the mission “get people to Vegas in a short time frame”:

  • Our team of developers developed a Facebook application that could serve as a lead capture for targeted buyers to register for the sweepstakes hosted on Facebook.
  • Outreach teams established a curation strategy to obtain & manage vendor content. With many of the 50+ vendors being on holiday it took numerous emails, text messages, and phone calls to retrieve necessary new product images and descriptions.
  • Our team of graphic artists created social graphics that engaged the online community as the vendor content was delivered via email.
  • Writers wrote content for the text portion of social messages as well as managed vendor expectations with graphic approvals and change requests.
  • Two staff members managed each floor during market time for online reporting via the social channels driving further engagement & attention to the Las Vegas Market showing those not in attendance what they were missing.

Mission Accomplished:

During the course of our campaign, we managed and monitored reporting from all social channels via our own online marketing software suite. With a precise combination of Google keywords, Google Analytics, online influence ratings, and Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest reporting data all integrated into our dashboard, we identified our targeted audience and managed the flow and distribution of content to precisely report the that the following objectives exceeded the World Market Center’s goals with a 45-day period:


According to International Market Centers press release:

Domestic buyers increased by +25%
International buyers +40%
Officials say it was the most successful market to date.
Press release details – click here.

According to Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Klout and Instagram Analytics:

Facebook engagement increased +1795%
Page LIKES increased by +25%
Facebook ranked 2nd in website referral traffic, while Google ranked 10th
      with paid advertisements
Virally the campaign reached over +120,000
targeted people in less than 45 days.
Klout score increased +40%
Pinterest followers increased by +11%
+48%More Instagram engagement
+17% Increase In Youtube views
+12% Increase in Youtube Subscribers

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