Christi Tasker

For more than 10 years, Christi Tasker was a nationally acclaimed award-winning retailer and interior designer. While she treasured and nurtured her gift boutique and interior design company, Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc., Christi found the time and opportunity to discover her true-life passion – that of MARKETING and BRANDING! With an eye for detail that only comes from a unique designer, Christi created a clear concise brand − unmistakable and unforgettable, that stood out from the rest of the crowd − it was “spot on”.

As many devoted moms, Christi spent her former years “stalking” her then eleven-year-old daughter, Macy, whenever she ventured online. Opportunity stared at her straight in the face as she watched Macy scour MySpace for any news of the latest arrival of “Webkinz”. Ambiance placed its first order for those loveable furry friends, with their special codes for use with online games. News of their arrival was posted on MySpace and…the first social media campaign had begun.

When the college gates went down on Facebook, Christi immediately recognized that another opportunity was staring her in the face and became one of the first non-college friends of Facebook. With her relentless creativity and her insatiable desire to be first − not only in time but also in position and success − Christi quickly discovered the one side of Facebook only the programmers knew about – The Facebook Developer − full of options and tools to help companies better use the Web.

       Just as quickly, Christi recognized that marketers either needed to be formally educated about social media or needed a partner to manage their sites. To fill this void, she launched a social media marketing company in Las Vegas called PuTTin’ OuT (Socially Acceptable), which today provides social media  branding, strategies, monitoring, consulting, and training, worldwide.

From her experience as a retailer, Christi was well aware of the struggle experienced by small businesses with marketing, so she began to help various companies with their own online branding and marketing campaigns. In early 2009, Christi began traveling nationally as a Social Media Expert Speaker for various brands and businesses, and today has developed into a successful and renowned social media keynote speaker, educating such key brands and businesses as Trollbeads, World Market Center Las Vegas, AmericasMart Atlanta, and the foremost conferences worldwide.

During her worldwide travels, Christi realized her ability to keep up with her many social media accounts was hampered by the lack of a suitable tool to keep everything in one place. After trying several solutions such as Tweetdeck, HootSuite, HubSpot, among others, Christi decided the best way to do a job properly was to “do it yourself” and developed a set of tools to moderate, manage, create content, schedule publish, and automatically engage people, all in a single package − PuTTin’ OuT.

On top of her already busy lifestyle, Christi is now teaming with the remarkable Henry Weinacker to contribute her experience and knowledge in the promotion Pinterest, which has grown to generate huge “interest” in the social media field from both sides of the business spectrum. Together Christi & Henry have co-authored “The Power of Pinterest,” an e-book packed with tips, strategies, and case studies to help businesses market on Pinterest.