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  • Imagine a culturally sound company filled with creative experts who are highly trained like the Ritz Carlton hotel staff in the area of social media. Voila! – You have us.  Our team is built on diversity, creative culture, and a wide-range of skills allowing each person to work on their primary focus. Together we deliver innovative solutions for your social media marketing.

    Combine our skills, assets, education, & years of implementing & you’ve got the perfect concoction to PuT OuT!

Meet Our Team

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    Christi Tasker

    — CEO, Founder of PuTTin’ OuT
    • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Member
    • Retail Excellence Award (REA) Winner
    • ARTs Award Winner – 2010/2011
    Christi is a globe trotter and pretend photographer! She is a lover of London, Paris, Dominican Republic, San Francisco and anywhere she ‘has to go’ for work. Hanging with the other geeks of Silicon Valley and the Vegas Tech group while eating cupcakes, Nothing Bundt Cakes and sipping La Comida margaritas and Piero’s lemon drop martinis is a favorite past time.
    She’s easy to spot in #Dottie wearing her size 11 wingtip/oxford shoes or kicking up her funky heels. She normally only buys new clothes when Designer DANN shops with her. The smell of stargazer lilies graces her office. And she loves Instagram + capturing it all on her real camera too. Yes, we see her thousands of pictures and are forcing her to write her own blog to share with the world. You can thank us later if you love it, or blame her if you hate it. (Read more about Christi)

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    Adriana Wallace

    — Graphic Designer
    • BFA, Interior Design-University of North Texas
    • AA, Biology-Broward Community College
    • Graduated with Honors
    Febreeze-lover, Venezuelan-food-connoisseur, and dancer when no one is watching. Adriana also loves to travel, but as Dave always says, “Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters.” We love that Adriana is a creative visionary who deciphers our notes, quirky language, and sometimes missed sizing into the perfect branding elements that complete our masterpieces.

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    Macy Tullis

    — Online Content Research Coordinator + Affiliate Program Development
    • Currently attending North Georgia University
    • Aspiring #Pediatric #Surgeon with a degree in #BioChem from @EmoryUniversity
    Aspiring pediatric surgeon who loves dissecting pigs and anything else that gets in the way. Macy loves finding unique experiences for online shopping & the best deals including travel deals to Cabarete, Dominican Republic (D.R.) As weird as it may sound, she loves studying and making straight A’s! Her closet looks like a store – organized and color coded at all times.
    At PuTTin’ OuT she keeps content on cue and clients profiting from the vast amounts of research for developing their affiliate marketing programs.

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    Pamela Reeves

    — Social Language Expert + Content Curator
    • Graduated International School of Bangkok, Thailand
    • Studied Fashion Marketing Worldwide
    • Georgia Commerce Club Ambassador of the Year 2011/2012
    • President GCC Toastmasters Club
    • Toastmasters Competent Communicator/Competent Leader
    Thanks to her international eye and oversees studies, this woman is loaded with creative juices! Pamela has traveled the world, lived in Mexico, Africa, Thailand, and now she’s back in the U.S. {for awhile anyway}. She loves traveling anywhere a ticket will take her and using her once wedding cake culinary skills to whip up treats that are guaranteed to pack on the pounds, but she creatively combats that too….you’ll have to ask her how.

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  • Jay Pasana

    — Web Designer
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    • Author –
    • Trainer – Web Design Internship
    • Online Business Strategist
    A simple guy next door creative designer and entrepreneur. Currently based in US, Jay is the founder of Philippine Virtual Assistant Network, Philippines largest community of Virtual Assistants

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    Joshua Richet

    __Web Developer
    • 20 year coding veteran
    • Instructor At the Kelowna Institute for Art & Technology – Web Application Development

    A 20 year programming veteran from the frozen wasteland of Canada, Josh is a true computer geek with expertise in many areas of software development and server magic. When he’s not doing everything possible to make his clients look great online, Josh can be found at one of many local watering-holes rocking a crowd with his guitar or ripping down a mountain with a snowboard strapped to his feet.

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    Maria Batocabe

    • Graduated at CVE Colleges Inc. in Computer Programming

    Maria got her college degree in computer programming. While in school, she also enjoyed badminton and dancing, though generally not at the same time. A workaholic, she decompresses by traveling and loves to watch the sunset and sunrise from the beach. She likes stargazing, too, so we’re pretty sure she never sleeps. Two places she hasn’t yet had her passport stamped are Korea and Japan, where she wants to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. Maria loves the supportive environment at PuTTin’ OuT and having a boss that appreciates her.
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    Tom Schek

    Tom graduated from Central Michigan University, or as he likes to call it, “the Harvard of the Midwest,” with a degree in cardiac rehab. This, of course, led to a career in marketing and communications. A basketball fan, youth coach and player, he is pretty sure he still has everything he needs to play in the bigs – other than the height and skill.  Outside of work, he enjoys a number of creative pursuits including oil painting and wood carving.

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