When it comes to public relations and press for PuTTin’ OuT, we are like the cobbler’s wife with holes in her shoes. Spending our time on client accounts has paid off for us in referrals, yet we are grateful to our social channels for the features you see here. Without our social avenues, we wouldn’t have been found for these few features, including by NBC, where Christi serves as a social media expert. Thanks to writers, editors, and the traditional press media! You can click on these covers to read our article features or watch our television interviews.

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  • Social Media Guidebook

  • Las Vegas based business chosen to author for a global public relations book

    June 25, 2015

    Las Vegas NV – Out of the reported 360,000 Public Relations professionals in America, the social media marketing and digital media management firm PuTTin’ OuT contributes two separate articles to the 2015 PR News Press Social Media Guidebook Volume 1, offering valuable insight into new and improved social media and public relations tactics… read more

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