• PuTTin’ OuT is a full-service social media marketing agency offering several avenues for online marketing for large corporations, small-medium sized businesses, celebrities and event promotions.

    Our services vary from legalized trademark Facebook account set ups, complete turn-key social media marketing, brand development + building, and strategic online marketing roadmaps. In short, this means we have the staff, training, and ability to build your brand from scratch from logo to executing an entire online presence or completely manage social sites with little oversight from the company marketing team or brand manager. OR we can simply set up your accounts with branding, applications, widgets, and keywords for you to change gears as you please.

Our turn-key services include content curation ghost-written and published to various social sites. We eliminate the need to worry if your brand is distributing daily content and what needs to be PuT OuT to keep up with trends that can change everyday.

Next, we operate as an extension of your customer service or public relations team to take care of your customers by managing communities and responding to requests. Afterwards we grow and moderate online communities to maximize brand presences. And of course, our reporting is more than anyone or organization has ever asked for. We welcome you to be the first.

After we develop a healthy community of brand advocates, we love nothing more than to train your existing staff or head-hunt for a social workforce. With some companies we often manage these workforces, attend creative + strategy meetings, and review analytical reports to prevent social wrecks before they ever happen.

We continue an ongoing relationship either monthly or quarterly to report social media workforce production to upper executive management teams. This step is crucial to ensure that goals are being met and the department continues to pull weight in contributing to projections.

Our greatest accomplishment is your company’s success. For small businesses or even large corporations who wish to put the channels in gear yet need directions, we offer private consultations to either write the roadmaps and express a verbal plan for moving in the right direction with online marketing.

For trade shows and conferences, we develop social media marketing plans and have the ability to execute. Many conference require social media speakers or motivational marketing speakers in which we send our founder and NBC Social Media Expert, Christi Tasker.
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