5 Tips for Getting Romantic on Social Media

Valentine's Day Social Media Kiss

It’s Valentine’s Eve today – are you ready for surprising your Honey?

I won’t act like a Facebook post is all you’ll need to do to keep yourself out of the proverbial doghouse (guys), but your Valentine will definitely love these social media Valentine’s tips as an add-on to whatever else you’ve already got planned! (You do have a plan, right?!)

1: DIY Digital Cards

Remember when you used to have to hand out V-Day cards to everyone in your class in elementary school? Somewhere between then and now, most of us forget about the beauty of a thoughtful card.

So why not make your own? Try using basic image editing software to make it personalized, and send it over on your favorite social media outlet so everyone can see and comment on how cute it was!

2: Ahem… Uh, “Private” Video Cards

Okay, so sometimes you don’t want everyone to see what you’ve got to show your lovely lady or fantastic fellow. Or anyone besides that person, for that matter 😉

This is probably usually the case for videos, and Vine and Instagram are your best bets.

If you haven’t explored it already, what Instagram Direct is for all you Instagram rookies who are behind the times.

And for a shorter/sweeter video via Twitter, try a romantic Vine video. While Vine doesn’t have “Vine Direct,” per se, CNET does have a nifty way to make “private” Vine vids.

3: Tag It Up

If you’re still WAY behind the times, it might be news to you that you can tag people in both locations and posts now on Facebook. Use this to broadcast your undying love with a tag that will link to and notify your beau automatically, or tag him/her in your romantic location of choice.

4: Pin It

Upload a Pin to your Pinterest page that’s special to your S/O, like an early picture from your relationship, or something with a message (think holding a card/text board that has something handwritten) and then share it with him/her. Trust me, this’ll get a big ole Awww.

This also works for Instagram, FYI 😉

5: Get Some Dirt

In this day and age, chances are you had some early communication on some social media outlet or other from back before you were together (if you’re not “together” yet, this might not work). Start digging through his/her profile until you find one of your first romantic posts (probably flirting!) and then re-post it. Bringing up the joyous past is always a good way to reignite some flame!!


Got some more romantic social media tips? Please share!

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