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Blogging: it’s what people make careers of, what people do to vent, what people do to inform, what people do to market, and what I’m doing right now. But how much are you doing it?

If you’re running a new, successful, or even slow business right now, it’s essential that you start finding time to do some blogging in order to help get your retail or online business going, even if you’ve got to start out by buying blogs, posting short stuff, or hiring a blogger. Whatever you’ve gotta do, here’s why you need to do it. Be sure to grab my blogging tools at the end, too!

It’s Part of Complete Social Media Success

Social media is increasingly a huge part of marketing, and blogging has a big role in that.

Even if you’ve been successful with garnering followers or “Likes” or “pins” on the social media channels, what good is it if you don’t have continual content to keep them coming back to you? Blogging is by far the best way to keep an active website that keeps people returning to it; with nothing new, no one has reason to return aside from new stock.

Be sure to see my three-part series on why you’re failing at social media for more on how blogging plays into a great campaign.

It Makes You an Authority

Plain and simple, if you can post intelligent, compelling diatribes on what you know about your market, it makes you appear to be a master of your domain. People like to know they’re associating with professionals who know what they’re doing, so give them reason to think that’s you.

Finally, a Gift to You

Need to start getting your blog posts out there? Have over 50 free sets of social media icons for promoting your blog, on me!

Now get out there and blog!

How do you get your bogging juices going? Share some tips with us struggling bloggers!

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