Check List: Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

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Wanna reach a wider audience and grow your business at the same time? Well, social media is the BEST place for PuTTin’ the word OuT there about your business! I’m gonna share with you a few tips about social media.

There are several leading ways of marketing your business on the web. You first need to understand how to use each site as well as knowing Social Media Etiquette. So, if you want to grow your online business the RIGHT way, make sure you check these babies off your list first!!

How’s Your Social Media Etiquette?

Update: It’s SOCIAL media! Social media is for socializing, folks! If you need to have a conversation with someone or make business offers, talk to them privately with direct messages. You never know who’s reading your posts (grandma, kids, moms), so be appropriate, friendly, and positive.

Do You Have a Business and Personal Facebook Page?

Guess what, y’all? Facebook is the leading source of socially connecting with others personally and professionally, and it’s AWESOME for developing new opportunities, relationship building, following-up, and reorders!

On your personal Facebook page, 80% of your posts should be personal information about your real life: family, friends, hobbies, etc. Only about 20% of your posts should be business or semi-business related.

Your business page is the BEST place to broadcast products, advice, videos, photos, and events. Brand your page like a cow with lots of graphics, too! How can you drive traffic to your page? Post several pictures and tag your Facebook friends!

How’s your Linkedin?

LinkedIn is an excellent avenue for making connections and looking for new opportunities. Post information about your website, and repost other people’s posts too to gain some traffic on your profile. Be sure to join plenty of groups, too!

Tweet! Tweet! Don’t Forget Twitter!

Say it quick & be #twitty, we mean #witty! Twitter is the PERFECT place to grow your business online. It’s easy! You can come up with a creative handle like @JewelryJane and a creative description with plenty of #hashtags like #jewelry and #fashion.

You only got 140 characters, so work it like a beauty queen! You best be using relevant, trending #hashtags and mention users @[their twitter name].

Image Media is Important Too!

Pinterest and Instagram are AMAZING! Pinterest is the place to repin from websites as well as from others when you like the image and sort the pins on boards (be sure to tell your followers why you liked this pin and what you’re going to do about it).

Ready to look picture perfect? Instagram is an awesome avenue to work your photography skills with tools like cropping, filters, lighting, and more. You can even create an awesome Instagram video!

Think you can do it? You got this in the bag! Social media is kinda like a mullet: You got the business side of it, but it’s also important to have fun with it too!

Have any comments or questions about these social media avenues?! We’re all ears in the comment box below!

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