So… What Is Plurk?

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If there’s one thing we love here at PuTTin’ OuT (okay, maybe one of many things), it’s using little-used social media outlets for SMM. Which brings us to none other than… PLURK!!

Even though you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s still pretty fun to say, isn’t it? Almost makes you want to actually, you know, use it, right?!?!

But should you?


Developed back in 2008, Plurk was basically Asia’s version of Twitter (which Twitter has since completely blown out of the water). There are a couple interesting differences between Plurk and Twitter, but nothing too wild.

First, the character limit for Plurk is a whopping 210. Second, there’s karma. Third, you can do that whole “Like” thing. Not a whole lot of other differences beyond that, really, or at least not many notable ones, though you can SMS a response to a post on your feed, which is – uh, interesting?!

So… Who Uses Plurk?

Even in its biggest country of users, Taiwan, Plurk is still a few dozen spots down the list of most-visited sites, according to Alexa.

So, if you checked out my post on what Orkut is and who uses it, you know this is a similar situation. It’s sort of popular in niche areas, but globally it’s not a huge market, particularly for English speakers.

What Can You Do with Plurk?

Now, I wouldn’t be who I am if I turned down a social media marketing opportunity, now would I?!!? Admittedly, I don’t use Plurk as a staple outlet, but it still has a minor place in my basic SMM campaigning. You can still post to Plurk with your blog links and updates, just to hit the odd potential visitor here and there, but really it can’t hurt to have your site links out at as many places as possible.

While that may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, if you have social post automation software like ours, all it takes is the click of a mouse to schedule your posts at Plurk, Orkut, and wherever – right alongside the big guns!


Have any tips or insights for using Plurk? I’d love to read them in the comments!

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