• Christi’s passion for speaking and training is evident, crowds love her energy and enthusiasm. Her Southern charm and sense of humor make learning fun. Believing that knowledge is power, Christi empowers audiences by leaving the techie terms at home and speaking in simple everyday terms. Her use of analogies and real life experience ensure her audience gets it the first time around! They are left with tools they can work with to enhance their social media marketing. She shares strategies, case studies, and offers tips that are audience specific.

    PuTTin’ in a last-minute slide of something that has just occurred, likely a few minutes before she begins speaking, is one of Christi’s trademarks. She enjoys watching the faces of the audience when they realize how quickly social media moves and how easy it is to embrace, even at the last minute.

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Christi speaks to a wide variety of topics in regards to social media as well as a diverse group of listeners. Whether you are an Association, retailer, manufacturer, sales organization or seeking to educate your show attendees, Christi is your Gal.

Here are several hot topics that Christi speaks on…

  • THE POWER OF PINTEREST for Marketing

    Release your golden ticket to the web! Convert browsers into buyers with the fastest growing social media site on the web – Christi shows you
    what the addiction is all about and how it helps your website ranking. Even creatively use it to gauge trends and become your buying radar while at market or when in search of new products for your store or upcoming design project. This topic is so “HOT” that Christi just finished her first book titled “The Power of Pinterest” which will be launching soon. Follow her on www.facebook.com/pinterestpower
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  • TOP SECRET: 10 Commonly Missed FREE Facebook Features

    Which Facebook freebies are you missing? Learn which pieces of the Facebook puzzle major brands and retailers miss every day. Christi will show you how to make sense of the Facebook pieces, where to use them, and how they work to maximize sales, build relationships, and stay connected with your customers and fans.
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  • FACEBOOK CONTEST: Tactics to Create  + Maintain Customer Relationships

    Discover what fans really want in a Facebook contest, what engages them, and what to expect during a contest. Also learn how to properly execute a contest within Facebook Terms & Conditions to avoid a disruption on your business fan page. Then Christi will teach you what to do with the information and new relationships obtained during the contest. She will also give you a sampling of how major brands use the data in other marketing practices. This is one of Christi’s most requested topics.
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  • Must Know Make or Break Tip$ For Marketing Online

    Learn effective forms and tactics that will create considerable brand identity on the web without sending your checkbook into convulsions. Christi will share proven strategies from today’s well-known retailers such as Victoria’s Secret and Pottery Barn. Whether you are already marketing online with social methods, e-mails, or considering your initial approach, be sure to have Christi come speak on a this all important topic
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  • Social Secrets That Matter

    Do you ever wonder what social sites your company should be on and why? Let Christi come and share the hidden gems of the social web that make representing your brand online as easy as 1,2 3. She will also show you how to measure and gauge the effectiveness of your social media efforts. You will learn how to acquire and keep Facebook Fans, top things to keep Yelpers as helpers, keeping Twitterers tweeting, getting squared away on Foursquare. Sounds like too much to keep up with? Well, Christi will even show how to save time by easily automating your messages from a single source in just minutes.  Time is money and being social does matter, let Christi show you how top brands such as Zappos.com and Station Casinos use online marketing and monitor their brands with ease.
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  • Increase Traffic with Mobile Marketing

    Do you know how to engage potential consumers walking by your retail establishment or showroom/booth with their mobile devices? Are you able to reach customers that only pass by? Through mobile marketing you can make them aware of specials, deals, and events without them ever signing up for your campaign. Time is short! Learn how to make your short message powerfully intriguing enough to lead to a purchase with Facebook Deals, Foursquare, Bluetooth Marketing, and SMS.
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  • How to Get ”Googled”

    Can your customers easily find you with a Google or any other search engine? Interested in why you are on the third page of Google instead of being at the top? Save your money! Discover several sources that will help your company rise to the top without spending thousands of dollars on advertisements. Lead your customers where you want them to go and have them buying from your online or “brick and mortar” store and/or using the services you offer, in no time. Get out there, get “Googled”!
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  • 20 Socially Successful Tactics Get More Fans on Facebook + Followers on Twitter

    Tag, you are it! Isn’t it about time to learn about money and timesaving sources to find your fans and followers? Get them to your pages, interacting, and keep them engaged automatically. Maximize your brand exposure using Facebook Ads, keywords, embedding, and tagging. People are looking for products and services that your company provides! Can you find them?
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  • Boost Your Store Traffic 25% in an Hour per Week with E-mail + Facebook Marketing

    When speaking to retailers, Christi, an Award-winning retailer herself, shows how she increased her store traffic by more than 25% just by using Facebook, sending e-mail campaigns and texting her customers. Christi will also share how to build an e-mail list quickly and to keep customers opening your e-mails, what makes an E-blast work, and how to get your customers to advertise for you on Facebook and Twitter. This is the perfect lunchtime speaking engagement or half day seminar.
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No matter the topic, no matter the audience, Christi is here to help you navigate the world of Social Media. Like so many others that have come before you don’t miss out on the opportunity to have her help you too. You will be glad you did.

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